Board of Directors

About Our Leadership

The Board of Directors is made up of IAMFT members who volunteer their time and efforts to promote the well-being of MFT’s in the State of Indiana. Each Board member is voted into office by the Indiana membership in accordance to IAMFT’s Bylaws. Committees include both Board and non-board  IAMFT members who give their time to specific areas of IAMFT’s work.  Our committees are always open to new non-board members who wish to volunteer, but can not make long term commitments (running for office). If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any of our elections committee members.

Executive Board

President:  Nenetzin Stoeckle

President-Elect:  Robert Atchison

Immediate Past President:  Scott Kahler

Secretary:  Chasity Ingle

Treasurer:  Mark Rubens

Associate Representative:  Mialauni Griggs

Student Representative: 

Region 1 Representative:  Cezanne Elias

Region 2 Representative:  Maria Willey

Region 3 Representative:

Region 4 Representative:  Bill Utesch

Member at Large:  Kelli Payne

Member at Large:  Julia Pratt

Member at Large:  Michael McCully


Conference Committee

Robert Atchison

Julia Pratt

email: [email protected]

Elections Committee

Adam Carroll

Micah Brown

email: [email protected]

Legislative Committee

Kurt Gregory

Laura Snyder

email: [email protected]

Committees & Liaisons