Join - IAMFT Membership Information


It is more important than ever to maintain your membership with IAMFT. When renewing with AAMFT, you will be given the option to "opt-in" for State Dues. Be sure to opt in. This is critical to maintaining victories legislatively in the State of Indiana. AAMFT offered us 3 options as a state division:

  1. Dissolve

  2. Become an Interest Group

  3. Become an Independent Affiliate (Please note, Independent Affiliates no longer receive mandatory dues from state members. AAMFT has made this an option. Beginning in 2018, members are no longe required to be members of IAMFT.

The IAMFT Board of Directors reviewed all options very carefully before decided to apply to become an Independent Affiliate. The BOD believes this option is best for Indiana LMFTs because we retaiin a legal and independent status -- which is crucual to influencing state legislators.


Membership Options:   Call AAMFT Member Dept. for assistance - Phone:  (703) 838-9808

Clinical Membership: Since Indiana has a law governing licensing as a marital and family therapist, AAMFT requires that applicants first be licensed, then obtain membership in the organization. See the link for license information below.

Pre-Clinical: For those who are in the process of preparing for an MFT license.

Student Membership: Full-time students in MFT programs.

Allied Health: Highest level of mental health licensure in a field other than MFT.

Pre-Allied Health: A post-graduate under supervision working toward the highest level of mental health licensure that is not MFT.