Fun Survey: Coffee & Breakfast Preferences


This fun survey is meant to be enjoyed as part of our 2021 IAMFT Spring Conference.  Please give it your best effort.  We hope you'll enjoy it!

Disclaimer Statement:  We may or may not use the combined survey results to publish a summary for newsletters, event updates, conference summaries, and future survey inquiries. 

Thank you for sharing your coffee & breakfast preferences!

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Fun Survey: Zoom Meetings (Yea or Nay)

Instructions:  This survey is just for fun and optional only.  Tell us more about your experiences with Zoom meetings and virtual meetings in general in these three areas:  Personal/Family, Professional/Job, and Education/Conference. Please share as fully as you need to.  If you wish to skip a question, please use N/A in the box.  Please be mindful about your responses.  We want to hear from you & hope this is a meaningful experience. Thank you for your time & thoughtfulness - IAMFT Conference Committee.


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SWOT Analysis for IAMFT - Seeking Your Perspective

Instructions:  Please help us gain a greater understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of IAMFT.  Likewise, in your view, what opportunities and/or threats are currently present for IAMFT.  Your responses will be kept confidential.  We plan to evaluate the results of this survey to help us plan for the future of IAMFT.  Please use "N/A" for those spots you wish to leave blank.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this SWOT analysis for IAMFT.

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2021 IAMFT Spring Conference - Evaluation & Feedback Survey for Attendance & CEUs

Instructions:  All conference registrants are expected to complete this survey for the purpose of providing feedback and evaluation of our 2021 IAMFT Spring Conference.  Your responses about our virtual conference are very important to us!  Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation/feedback survey.  Besides sharing your responses about the 2021 IAMFT Spring Confernce, this is a reminder that you must submit a completed survey for us to issue continuing education or attendance document.

Your responses are needed and will greatly assist us in planning for future IAMFT conferences amd meeting events.  Thank you - IAMFT Conference Committee

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2021 IAMFT Spring Conference - Attendance & CE Plans Survey


Please help us confirm your attendance and CE wishes for our 2021 IAMFT Spring Conference.   To do this, complete the following statements and questions.  Thank you - IAMFT Conference Committee


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Renewal for 2021 - IAMFT Membership Feedback Survey

Welcome to this feedback survey about IAMFT membership - Renewal for 2021.


Please take a few minutes to share about your experiences to renew your membership with the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.   This survey targets all members including those whose membership may have lapsed or is about to expire.


We are your professional home for Indiana marriage and family therapists.  Our independent association provides many activities for your professional development, including opportunities to network with like-minded MFT professionals.  We continue to support strong legislative advocacy in Indiana.  We also offer continuing education events through our conferences in Indiana.  And, our IAMFT Board is comprised of strong active members who participate in the governance of IAMFT.


Through your survey responses, please share your reasoning to keep your IAMFT membership active and/or why you chose to discontinue your membership with us.


All questions below require a response to move to the next question.  Therefore, please enter "n/a" or "no response" if the question does not apply to you.  We do not want boxes left blank.  We truly want to know the "Why?" behind how you spend your membership dollars.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

IAMFT Membership Committee


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