2020 IAMFT Elections Ballot

Julia Pratt for Member-At-Large


Season’s Greetings from Julia Pratt, MFT.  I live on the west side of Indianapolis in Speedway, Indiana, a small town with a focus on motorsports racing.  I live less than one mile from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).  Yes, we park cars during race time so talk with me about your race-parking needs 😊.


As a long-time member of both AAMFT and IAMFT, I’ve always felt a strong need to give back in service to my MFT profession.  So, I’m passionately running again to be your Member-At-Large representative for IAMFT.  I feel compelled to offer my past Board experience to move our professional MFT association forward.  I bring continuity of knowledge, expertise, history, and passion to this effort.  To explain, I’ve come to understand that it takes time to realize the demands and responsibilities for good Board service.  Advocating for members, advocating for our MFT profession, making informed decisions on behalf of our members, our MFT profession, and for the best interests of our Indiana Affiliate of AAMFT, these tasks are a significant part of IAMFT Board service.  An additional part of the Member-At-Large responsibilities includes a focus on member engagement and member outreach.  I’ve also continued to partner with our IAMFT President Rob Atchison to manage our IAMFT Conferences these past two years.  Providing the best possible MFT educational opportunities is a long-time passion that I’ve continued as a member of the IAMFT Conference Committee.


I am privileged to be a Member-At-Large candidate for the 2020 elections.  Thank you for this opportunity to run for this position on the 2021-2022 IAMFT Board.  As we continue under the pressures of these unprecedented Covid pandemic times, our IAMFT Board finds itself in unusual times.  With that, I’ve been in a unique position in 2020 to help manage our new website,  I’ve focused efforts to provide assistance to members as we begin to work through losing association management.  I’ve also focused on membership concerns impacting our association.  I encourage members to volunteer to work with me on our new website.  We benefit from collaborating together to focus on providing greater support of our membership and this includes using our new website tool to keep our IAMFT membership informed and engaged.  We need more information on our website.  But this requires more volunteers who are willing to offer time, to write for, to edit & review, and to decide how best to use this new website tool.  It is a learning curve, but one that is highly rewarding.  Again, increasing member engagement and outreach will continue to be my focus moving forward, if you elect me as your next Member-At-Large representative for the 2021-2022  IAMFT Board.


I believe if we continue collaborating and working together, we can achieve much for IAMFT.  Thank you for voting for me.  Humbly submitted, Julia Pratt.

Maria Willey for Region 2 Representative


Maria Willey, M.A., is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Indiana. She has a bachelor and a master’s degrees in psychology. She attended a Federal University in Brazil, and after acquiring her license there, she worked in clinical practice for twelve years. She also worked in other settings such as in prison, community center and in a private university in Brazil. She moved to United States in 1999, and started working in private practice in 2004 in Southern region. In Indiana, she has been working since 2014.

Julia Pratt
Maria Willey