Renewal for 2021 - IAMFT Membership Feedback Survey

Welcome to this feedback survey about IAMFT membership - Renewal for 2021.


Please take a few minutes to share about your experiences to renew your membership with the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.   This survey targets all members including those whose membership may have lapsed or is about to expire.


We are your professional home for Indiana marriage and family therapists.  Our independent association provides many activities for your professional development, including opportunities to network with like-minded MFT professionals.  We continue to support strong legislative advocacy in Indiana.  We also offer continuing education events through our conferences in Indiana.  And, our IAMFT Board is comprised of strong active members who participate in the governance of IAMFT.


Through your survey responses, please share your reasoning to keep your IAMFT membership active and/or why you chose to discontinue your membership with us.


All questions below require a response to move to the next question.  Therefore, please enter "n/a" or "no response" if the question does not apply to you.  We do not want boxes left blank.  We truly want to know the "Why?" behind how you spend your membership dollars.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

IAMFT Membership Committee


Clinical Member
Clinical Member/Approved Supervisor
Associate Member
Student Member
Retired Member
Region 1: Northwest Indiana
Region 2: Northeast Indiana
Region 3: Central Indiana
Region 4: Southern Indiana
Outside Indiana
Not sure
We have an IAMFT Membership Committee that will be evaluating all survey responses.  We are working to better understand our membership trends and why MFTs want to be a part of IAMFT.  If you have more questions, concerns, or just want to share more about your membership experiences, please reach out by email to [email protected] or find us on our website: under About Us > Board of Directors - Membership Committee.